With 50+ years of knowledge and experience

we export the Pipes and Tubes we produce to the whole world.
We are increasing the value of our country as an experienced industrial group.

Special Solutions for You

Custom Length

In accordance with the demands of our customers, up to 12 meters can be produced in desired length.
This ensures optimum transport, storage and handling

Custom Size

Production can be done in desired dimensions in accordance with demand. Width and height are produced according to the exact size required in the production range possible.

Custom Thickness

It can be produced in thicknesses ranging from 0.8 mm to 5.0 mm. Due to the process of rolling, the products in required thickness are prepared in the required length.

Custom Coating

Depending on customer request, varnish coating can be applied on the outer surface of products to increase the products validity. Special packaging (jute) can be made upon request.

Our Products

Galvanized Pipe

galvanizli boru

Galvanized Tube

galvanizli profil

Square and Rectangular Hollow Tube

Industrial Pipe

Patterned Pipe

Patterned Tube

Hammered Hollow Tube


Special Shaped Tube

T-Z-L Tube

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